Kiosk – Fast Food Kiosk @ Sanlitun Village, Beijing

Modular kiosks can be moved and relocated easily. For non-construction land, when the tourist season is over, they can always be shut down, moved or stored.

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Compared with the traditional construction methods, integrated box housing enjoy many advantages: shorter construction duration, lower carbon, environmental protection, and fashion design concept etc. So apparently it is very reasonable for the housing had been built for the usage of kiosks.

integrated box housing

This modular kiosk design is based on one 20’x10’ size container. It keeps the container door as goods and staff entrance. The back wall is well insulated and decorated. Another two sides of container are cut from the center. The top part can be opened and supported by air legs, working as canopy. The bottom part can be turned down and become extension floor. There are tracks on the extension floor and cooking platform can be pushed out during operation hours. When the prefabricated kiosk shut down, all walls and doors will be closed up and cooking equipment is stored securely inside the cabin.

modular kiosk design

Unique color and logo can be applied to show modern character. Fuunzo successfully made container kiosks for Subway to supply fast food at highway service areas.
prefabricated kiosk

prefabricated security kiosks can be moved easily by using a 6m-long truck. There is no requirement on foundation. It can be loaded on car park lot, precast concrete blocks or screw piles.


Integrated with the development of e-technology, FUUNZO developed Smart supermarket that no cashier needed. Buyer selects merchandises from the goods shelf and pays by Paypal or Alipay through smartphone apps.

Smart Market can be put wherever it is needed and work 7 days per week and 24 hours per day. The most important advantage is to save 20% to 30% labor cost comparing to normal supermarket.

Security system and facial recognition system are built into the cabin. No one can take merchandises without paying.

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