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Military Camp – Military Camp @ China Army


With the advantages of easy transportation, fast construction, flexible combination, The characters of modular military house are quite suitable for military use.

The Chinese Forces deployed an 800-person camp in Beijing, which was transported to site via land, and designed to provide comfort in harsh summer and winter months.

prefabricated military camp

Fuunzo's prefabricated cabins are engineered to facilitate seamless mobility and redeployment for militaries stationed in remote locations anywhere on Earth.

Steel structure is the framework of the camp house. So compared with the other brick-concrete structure house, the module camp house has incomparable advantages in the field of resisting natural disasters. So the miitary camp give the best life guarantee for people who work and live in some areas of with more natural disasters.

modular military camp

This prefabricated militay camp, also called modular military camp serves Chinese soldiers, support employees, and other military members with lodging, dining, training, entertainment, and recreation. In the future, when working military post, the one, two, and three bedroom cottages and apartments will be converted to a military resort lodging and offering amenities such as jetted tubs, kitchens, fireplaces, and cable TV. That will be a good interpretation of the mobile houses’ advantage of comfort. It will fully achieve the level of common residence with refined decoration Thus effectively improve the field staff’s working and living condition. So many people regard the mobile camp as their second home.

modular military camp

We are so proud to say that domestic and international militaries and governments around the world usually rely on us to provide shelter and camp capability that enhances the safety, comfort, and performance of their personnel. Attached a picture as a case for reference.
modular military camp

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