Mobile Ablution

Through an innovative design approach, we tried our best to follow the industry trend to develop a range of unique mobile ablution products catering to the specific requirements of a wide range of industries.

portable shower cabin

Nowadays prefab house has been popular in European countries and some other economically developed coastal areas. Its convenience is unmatched by other buildings, After production in the manufacturer factory, the house had been transported to the pre-done basis and then can be used easily after simple installation. When relocation is needed, the house and its inner goods will be moved together. So the house can be reused many times. Recently more and more cases successfully happened for  the building used as ablution since the kind of advantage is remarkable,

Our products make it possible for end users and service providers to offer sanitation and ablution facilities to groups and individuals in virtually any situation and terrain in a professional and dignified way.

wc container

The recycling and treatment of the water used for flushing and the responsible disposal of waste forms an integral part our services.  The shower system has stable water flow and the water repellent treatment has been well dealt with on the toilet floor. It is clean and neat inside the building which made people enjoy the quality life everywhere.

It's bright and transparent in the ablution which fully satisfied with the need of daylighting. At the same time, shown in the following picture, the windows had been installed so depending on its good ventilation and air exchange, the sanitary conditions are very good when people use the ablution.

Inside the mobile ablution, the shower, closestool, urinal and baisn all have been collocated beforehand. When it is installed accordingly, the people can easily enjoy the ease of installation and use supplied by the prefab house.

mobile modular containers

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