What is the normal specification of your flat-packed Container house?
flat-packed Container house
For the flat roof - is it 100% flat? And how it disperse heavy raining.
No. It is not 100% flat. The ridge will be slightly higher than the edge. There is a special gutter which is formed in your top beam. This gutter can collect rainwater and discharge it to the corner. Rainwater pipe at four top-corners will lead the water to the ground.
Another special design on our top beam is the side edge is lower than the top curve edge which will hold the roofing. That means when it is heavy raining and water can not be discharged by down-pipe, the rainwater will overflow from the edge and will not go inside the roof.
 flat roof
Do You Think We Install / Erect By Using Our Team Here?
No need. Any team with a little construction experience will do it after reading through our installation menu. In case the combination is very complicated, we could send our Supervisor go to your site for instruction. Normally, 4 workers can assemble one FP cabin in half day.
What Is The Weight For Each Module? How Many Units Are Advisable Can Stack On The Top Of Each Other
It’s approx. 1.8 ton per unit. Normally we advise to stack them up to 3 floors maximum. 
How Do You Lock Between Each Fp Module If They Are Stack On Each Other ?
We will use special connection pieces to joint cabins when they stack on each other.
Yes. We will use special connection pieces to joint cabins when they stack on each other.
Do You Have Any Detail Photos For The Extra Roofing (Pyramid Roof) - Spec?
On top of container house, steel truss and purlin will be fixed to top frame using bolts and nuts. Steel color roofing sheet or roofing panel will be fixed to the purlin. Although the container roof is waterproofed, it will counter sure there is no leaking when you have additional roof on it. At same time, the insulation performance will be improved as well
Do You Have Any Presentation Slides That We Can Use To Present It To Our Customer Here? 
Yes. Send us an inquiry. We will email you our company profile. We would like to support you with more info if you are intent to be our representative.
What Is Your Standard Sizes Of Cabins? What Is The Weight Of Them?
What Is Main Elements Of Flatpack Container House?