20ft Standard Container

  • Size and Weight
    Size and Weight
    20ft Container is the most popular size and used widely in different circumstances.
    After assembly, the external sizes are same as ISO 20ft shipping container, which makes no difficult for land transport in any countries.
    The standard height is 2896mm. For special cases, it can be increased to 3300mm.
    The weight of standard flat pack 20 ft container is approx. 1800kg.
  • Solid Steel Frame
    Solid Steel Frame
    The steel profiles are galvanized before painted. The thickness of beams and columns is more than 3mm. That guarantees the 20 foot shipping container home lifespan is more than 30 years against bad natural conditions.
  • Wall and Insulation
    Wall and Insulation
    The 20 ft container wall is made from pre-painted color steel sandwich panel. Wall panels are of same modular size and can be switched each other easily. The thickness of wall can be 50mm, 75mm, 100mm or 150mm.
    The insulation for wall, roof and floor (optional) can be Glass wool, Rock Wool, Polyurethane or Polystyrene. 
  • Window and Door
    Window and Door
    The windows and door are prefixed in wall panels, which minimized the works on site. Window grill and blinds can be provided as optional items.
  • Quick Assembly and Move-in Condition
    Quick Assembly and Move-in Condition
    Electrical System has been pre-installed inside the top-frame and wall panel.
    Before leaving our factory, the metal ceiling and PVC flooring have been prefabricated into top/bottom frame.
    It takes only 12 man-hours to finish the cabin assembly to achieve move-in condition.
  • Appearance
    Frame and Wall Panel of our 20 foot container can be supplied either in the same color (White) or a special color if order quantity is big.
    We can also offer a range of alternative external cladding options, including Timber, Plastic Timber, PVC Siding or Brick Effect Fiber-cement Board if preferred.
  • Sea Transport
    Sea Transport
    6 standard container houses can be load into one 40ft HC shipping container that saves a certain amount of transportation cost.
  • Usage
    Single container has various uses, such as site office, accommodation, bathroom, toilet etc. For individual usage, there are many kinds of solution, layouts and accessories (stairs, fence, banner bracket, cladding, decoration etc.) to satisfy different consumers.
    We can provide one-stop service to fulfill your requirement.
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