A Container Can Also Make A Big Coffee Shop

Today, we are getting to know the prefab coffee shop, which is the main character of the coffee shop, and finding out how the 7 retired containers are transformed into the Guangzhou luxury coffee shop.

The coffee shop is built on the spot, so Party A uses containers to build the sales office. Containers are environmentally friendly, quickly built, reusable. After the lease is completed, the container can be transferred to the next base to continue to use, and also can be left to the original construction. Therefore, the container is more suitable for the temporary coffee shop than the other forms of construction. But looking at the domestic container coffee shop design, we will find that some are just a simple box to piece together. There is no trick except using bright colors to attract eyeballs and using "graffiti art" to declare the avant-garde. Maybe the concept of the container has a natural topic, so the effect seems to be good. So the Party A is satisfied.

The whole process of the container building includes architectural design, interior design, container manufacturing and renovation, thermal insulation, interior decoration, doors and windows, air conditioning, lighting, landscape platform, transportation, hoisting and installation and so on.

In order to make the quality of container building reach a new height, interior design is carried out with the standard of high-end business.

The total time of the project including the design, manufacture, decoration, and installation of the container is only one month. This requires that the drawings in the building, the interior, and the construction must be determined and completed within one week. Also, the time of construction, decoration and installation period add up to only one and a half months.

The container is only the entry stage of assembly modular building. Our country's demographic dividend has been lost. The last batch of peasant construction workers is going on. The construction site construction industry tends to decline and is not sustainable. Assembly module housing is an inevitable trend.
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