Construction of Prefabricated Military Camp in The Army

The roofs, walls and staircases were prefabricated from the production line, then shipped to the site and assembled into a barracks-like "building blocks" - such construction scenes were appearing in our military camp. We have heard from the Barracks Department of the General Logistics Department that the pilot construction of our military uniform pilot construction of assembled steel structure barracks has been carried out in an all-round way, and more officers and soldiers and weapons and equipment will move into the new barracks.

According to the responsible person in charge of the post-construction barracks department, the prefabricated military camp refers to the modern barracks built by the standardized design, the factory production and the assembly construction mode. Its construction conforms to the modernization and upgrading of the national construction industry. It is a "green change" to the mode of the manual casting of the build of the barracks. These type of barracks will become the "model room" of our new barracks and will be promoted during the "13th Five-Year" period.

From the pilot units of the Shenyang military region and the Beijing Military Region Air Force, this type of barracks, compared with the traditional brick concrete and reinforced concrete structural barracks, is only 1/3 of the original construction period. However, the design service life has been extended by 40%, and the anti-seismic wind performance is stronger. There is no dust, noise and other pollution in the construction site of the new barracks. It can save water, timber, ground and reduce construction waste, and the most of the building materials can be recycled. The maintenance and reconstruction of the barracks only need to disassemble "spare parts". The dynamic security requirements of "The house can change with the force, and the storage room can change with the equipment change.” can be achieved. In addition, the organic combination of roofing plate and solar panel can meet the demand for electricity and bathing of the army; its prefabricated components are convenient for transportation and installation, and are less affected by the climate conditions in the construction site, and are widely used in the remote and arduous areas, non war military operations emergency support and so on.

It is reported that the pilot project will be launched in conjunction with the construction of the equipment warehouse, front-line barracks renovation and the overall construction of the brigade regiment camp. For the construction of dormitories, apartments, and temporary houses for officers and soldiers' families, canteen and other projects. The headquarter advocates that large units should fully absorb the advanced experience of the assembled steel structure construction industry and promote it according to the actual situation.

Prefabricated Military Camp
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