Current Situation And Prospect Of Container House

Nowadays, the recycling of container houses are still in the beginning stage and the construction of box type house is a new industry in our country. The whole society is not much aware of it and pays little attention to it. However, in some developed countries in foreign countries, container houses in Beijing have long been a popular fashion and are widely used in all walks of life. The advice of the expert is as shown below: increase the renting publicity of container house, improve social recognition, integrate box type house into the unified planning of housing construction, and formulate preferential policies to promote the rapid development of Beijing container houses construction. I believe that with the understanding of container houses, the portable house will become popular.
container house
For ordinary container houses, it can be refitted according to the requirements of customers. The interior decoration of the portable house is complete and beautiful. Our product is decorated with a self-weight of 2 tons, which has the functions of cold proof, heat insulation, and sound insulation. It can be directly check-in and positioned according to its own needs.

You can see the container houses at any site. Because of the energy saving and environmental protection of portable house, we have less row of construction waste, which we can't count. It is also because that the Beijing container houses are easy to make and easy to install, so the benefits that it brings us cannot be estimated. Today's housing prices have soared to the peak that not every civilian can afford to buy it. Many people are trying to buy a house during their lifetime. There are many people live in the hotel when they are traveling, that one night is more than 200. In many cities, there has already been the rental of container houses, many people who come to work in cities do not want to rent too expensive residential buildings. So they rent portable house so that they saved a lot of money. The city tourism is no longer afraid of high accommodation fees, everything has become very beautiful with container housing,
portable house
portable houses are made of new materials with good fire resistance nowadays. This is a great progress of the active housing industry. It requires our wisdom to create that whether container houses can replace our fixed housing in the future. We firmly believe that container houses will surely bring us enjoyment. 
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