Developing Portable Prefabricated Buildings

In September 14th 16, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting. He makes a plan that accelerates the deployment of "Internet plus government service" to deepen the reform of the government itself and make more profit for enterprise and people. He decided to vigorously develop portable prefabricated buildings in order to promote the upgrading of industrial structure adjustment. Portable prefabricated buildings have standardization of design and informationization of management. The more standard of the component, the higher the production efficiency, the lower the cost of the corresponding components. With the digital management of the factory, the cost performance of the whole portable prefabricated buildings will be higher. At the same time, he meets the requirements of the construction of green building. At present, more than 30 provinces and cities have introduced special guidance and relevant supporting measures for portable prefabricated buildings. And many places have made clear requirements for the development of portable prefabricated buildings. More and more market players began to join in the construction of portable prefabricated buildings. Under the characteristics of relevant policies and high-cost performance, the portable prefabricated coffee buildings have strong market development space. Through the standard portable prefabricated coffee buildings, it forms its own characteristics and promotes it in various areas to form the brand effect so that consumers can know their own brand according to their own unique architectural form. 
portable prefabricated buildings
The so-called portable prefabricated buildings refer to a construction project that with at least 30% of the building components no longer the site of the construction, but by a professional factory and then carried to the site to build stitching. Simply, it just likes putting the house together like a building block. So the speed of construction is faster, and it is more environmentally friendly. Portable prefabricated buildings is a building constructed from precast parts and parts at the site. The development of portable prefabricated buildings is a major change in the way of construction. It is an important measure to promote the structural reform of the supply side and the development of a new type of urbanization. It is beneficial to saving resources and energy, reducing the pollution of construction, improving the efficiency of labor productivity and the level of quality and safety. It is conducive to the deep integration of the construction industry and information industrialization, the cultivation of new industries and new kinetic energy, and the promotion of resolving excess capacity. In recent years, our country has actively explored and developed the prefabricated factory buildings, but most of the construction methods are still based on site pouring. The proportion and scale of portable prefabricated buildings are relatively low. There is still a big gap between the requirements related to the development of green buildings and the advanced construction methods. In order to carry out the plan that raised by both "Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Further Strengthening the management of urban planning and construction" and "Report on the work of the government", with the approval of the State Council, many suggestions have been put forward to develop the portable prefabricated buildings.

prefabricated factory buildings
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