Development Trend of Portable Prefabricated Buildings

"Portable prefabricated buildings" refers to a construction project with at least 30% of the building components no longer being made in the site of the construction, but produced by a professional factory and carried to the site to build and piece together. To be simplified, it can be likened to building blocks, so the construction is much faster and more environmentally friendly.

Team of Zhang Hong, professor of the Department of Architectural Science and technology of Southeast University has developed a low energy and multifunctional assembly type light house. It takes the five elements of safety, application, environmental protection, easy maintenance and wisdom into account at the very beginning, which is more suitable for future life. Zhang Hong introduced, "On the ground the house has six surfaces, three of them are all solar panels to provide the largest solar energy area. It not only can be self sufficient but also can supply power to the power grid, and can be tore apart and built for more than 30 times. After the demolition, the house becomes rubbish, which has great impact on the environment. If it is disassembled and then installed in another place, it can continue to be used. This is the biggest energy saving and emission reduction.

At present, the construction cost of assembly technology is 10% to 20% higher than that of the traditional concrete. However, if we take the big cost of the environment into account, the assembly building is undoubtedly the direction of the future. Zhang Hong said, "The economic benefit is a big account. One is the direct cost of building a house, the other is in the process of building, it would produce a large amount of waste water and waste gas, which pollutes the our air and water and affects the environment. The current price is still slightly higher, but through technological optimization, it will be optimized continuously.
So far, 60 projects in Nanjing have been fabricated using the assembly technology. According to the plan, by 2020, the proportion of the assembled buildings in Nanjing will be more than 30%, which accounts for more than 50% of the housing delivery ratio.

Southeast University's research achievements in Portable Prefabricated Buildings will also help Jiangsu enterprises seize more market. Guo Zhengxing said, " One floor with 1000 squares used to require more than 100 people and now it can be completed by 30 or 40. One floor used to be built in 8 or 9 days and now it needs less than 4 days. If this goal can be achieved, the mode of the architecture in Jiangsu's construction industry can be greatly improved.
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