Live+ Natural Space Aesthetics Workshop in Inner Mongolia


Specialists, having different backgrounds such as Design, Architecture, Education, Environmental Protection, Arts, Botany, and Food, joined together in this quick built small house beside a wet-land in Inner Mongolia for one day workshop.

Fuunzo, as a builder of this small house, participates this workshop.

In only one day, we learned to name special native plants, we made specimen of plants we collect by ourselves, we enjoy special foods made from local food material, we tried AR technology…
The key word of this workshop is “Moment”. Different from a normal tour, we want to set up a small resort in an isolated area. Here, we can just star at the green land and does nothing, just enjoy the Moment. Our children can run into the forest and feel nature. Specimen can help to keep the memory of this Moment. Nice dishes made you remember the special taste of this place…

We are trying to develop a solution to help the scenic area to keep their visitors to stay and enjoy the science deeply, a solution from vacation house to special dishes developed for a special area …

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