Modular Kiosk Design

The small modular kiosk design is based on the original product and is also designed with the requirements of customers, which embodies the value of publicity, distribution and site sale. Not only the appearance is more beautiful, but also the internal structure is adjusted by the actual demands. The modular kiosk designers also add high quality materials to the interior decoration pattern. This model is equipped with light boxes and a rolling screen. It is suitable for advertising on holidays or in traffic intensive roads, square, community, park to sell. It is also suitable for diversified enterprises and individual flow and sale.

The advantages of Modular Kiosk:

  • The prefabricated kiosk has strong mobility. Because the mobile vehicles can be on the road, which are not limited in the city. This kind of vehicle can shuttle in the downtown area with strong mobility and novel style. It can effectively attract customers' attention and improve the turnover rate.
  • One vehicle can be used in many ways. Because customers can install ice cream machines, drinks machines, fridges and other production tools by themselves, and sell whatever they want to sell!
  • Advertising publicity. The appearance of the mobile vehicle can be painted according to the features of the product. In this way, the car is an advertisement on the road. At the same time, the advertisement broadcasting system can also be equipped. That is to say, the high quality broadcasting system and a yelling device need to be equipped. It is convenient to carry out random publicity and effectively lock the target customers.
  • The space of our modular kiosk is extensive. Because the seller can expand the sales space effectively, the three side windows of the vehicle can be flexibly extended. And the top guide cover of the cab is a large space storage box, which can also fully expand the sales space, and help became more clean.
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modular kiosk design

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