Modular Military Camp

Modular military camp has gradually begun to came into people's vision, but the concept of modular military camp is not very clear to most people. Modular military camp is a part of the house which is divided into different functional modules. It can realize the factory manufacturing by standardization, modularization and universalization. This kind of houses can be made at any time and anywhere, which only takes a few hours to complete. Modular integrated architecture completely subverts the traditional building and irreversible patterns. Because it can be simplified, be vintage, be used for live, entertain and for special purposes.

It is easy to transport and install, remove and reuse. The invention and progress of science and technology provide technical support for the integrated construction of modules, create free and changeable style, scientific intelligence. So it can dance with natural harmony, and integrate all kinds of architectures with modern and traditional technique.

This modular military camp is made of building waste and mineral waste, which conforms to the natural environmental concept of the international circular economy. More important, it means the building is environmental without pollution and it has fire prevention and earthquake resistance abilities. During the construction operation period, zero pollution and waterless can be realized. Besides, the construction period can be shortened by two thirds compared with the traditional one.
Modular military camp
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