Portable Prefabricated Buildings Promotes the Construction of the Island in The Future

The island is facing large amounts of travelers. It provides visitors with a beautiful view and delicious food, but also carries the pressure of weak infrastructure construction. Many islands don't have enough rooms for visitors, which directly leads to higher housing prices, lower experience comfort. At the same time, lack of supporting services, catering and leisure fails to carry the number of tourists. The development of commercial system is almost zero. That is to say, "there is one island but it is difficult to build and use it well." Although the island is very beautiful, the transportation is not convenient. The building of a masonry and clay structure on the island is 3-5 times, even higher, in manpower, material and financial resources than in the inland area. It is because of these reasons that the most beautiful scenery of the island has been preserved for us.

The premise of developing island tourism and economy is to solve the construction problems of the island building, not only to take into account the construction cost, the safety of the building, but also to protect the original ecological environment of the island not to be destroyed. Nowadays, when the construction industry is innovating and developing continuously, the portable prefabricated buildings has been built and assembled in the factories because of the low production cost, which is popularized around the world. A new type of building material is used in the portable prefabricated buildings to make up for the shortage of traditional building technology. A large number of construction parts are finished by workshop production and processing, including exterior wall plate, inner wall plate, floor, balcony, staircase, prefabricated beam, prefabricated column and so on. A large amount of assembly operations on site are much less than the original cast-in-place operations. The ideal state is to adopt the integrated design and construction of the building and decoration and the decoration can be synchronized with the main construction. It should have standardized design and informative management. The more standard the components are, the higher the production efficiency will be, and the lower the cost of the corresponding components. The cost performance of the whole portable prefabricated buildings will be higher with the digital management of the factory. It is also the representative of green building, which has the big advantage of saving resources.
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