Prefabricated Military Camp

The prefabricated military camp is a modular building product based on steel frame and lightweight wall panel structure. It consists of top, bottom, corner column and 14 interchangeable walls. It can be packaged and packed to facilitate transportation on land and sea. The product can be used as office, accommodation, restaurant, bathroom, and combination of large space. It can meet the needs of construction site barracks, field camp barracks, municipal resettlement rooms and all kinds of commercial housing. It is widely used in Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East.  China has also developed rapidly in recent years.

The feature of Prefabricated Military Camp

1. Energy saving and environmental protection: It has good thermal insulation, high sound insulation, good sealing performance. It is more than 50% energy saving than traditional buildings. This material is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

2. Green and health: This product choose healthy, environment-friendly and safe new green building material and all indicators meet the standard. You can live in a healthy and green environment.

3. Low cost: The efficient process reduces the manufacturing cost, daily maintenance cost, and energy consumption, and is far superior to traditional buildings in terms of residential performance, service performance and housing quality.

4. The structure of the unit: It is prefabricated structure and it can fight earthquake.

5. Combination:
Modular units can be face-to-face or first and end, and can be stacked (up to four layers) to meet the needs of different sizes, shapes, and applications.

6. Functional modules:

  • Housing ---- living room, bedroom, restaurant, kitchen, toilet, etc.
  • Office ---- reception room and meeting room, office hall, finance room, management office, etc.
  • Business ---- restaurants, hotels, shops, showrooms, telephone booths, pubs, etc.
  • Health ---- hospitals, collective bathrooms, public toilet, clinics, mobile medical rooms, etc.
  • Education ---- classrooms, dormitories, toilets, canteens, storerooms, etc.
prefabricated military camp
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