What is the Modular Kiosk?

Modular kiosk is a mobile and business vehicle. There are many kinds of these vehicles, which can be divided into: catering vehicle/ touring vehicle/ commercial vehicle. At present, modular kiosks (prefabricated kiosk) have been sold in whole China and abroad. Among them, the catering one is very popular in China.

Model Classifications of Modular Kiosk Vehicles:

  • Catering vehicles: they are mainly divided into fast food vehicle/ fruit and vegetable vehicle / snack vehicle / barbecue vehicle/ fresh milk vehicle / baking vehicle and so on. The main purpose is to provide customers with foods.
  • Touring vehicles: this kind of vehicle is suitable for living, and it contains various kinds of household appliances, such as TV / bed / seats / sink. The only purpose is to provide a comfortable environment for the guests.
  • Commercial vehicles: the appearance of these vehicles can be packaged into personalized publicity to achieve a certain advertising purpose. The car has seats and other equipment, which are suitable for business negotiation and so on.

In addition to the modular kiosk vehicles, the combination container building is also a very nice option. The combination container building is flexible and convenient to move. It can be well adapted to the developing requirements of modern transportation. The related transportation and the facilities of loading are perfect, which means that the container building will be the best mobile temporary building. According to statistics, the combination container construction is especially popular in concept works, brand promotions and small activities, because of it's the effect of enhancing advertising.

Fuunzo, the top modular kiosk manufacturer from China, is willing to supply quality modular kiosk and prefabricated kiosk for sale with good price.

modular kiosk

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