Steel Hanger

  • Overview
    Steel Buildings are fast becoming No.1 choice for construction to build metal warehouse, workshop or other industrial facilities. With today's advances in engineering and design, a Prefabricated Steel Building can be an attractive enhancement to commercial building or community complex.
  • Foundation
    Prefab warehouse buildings in steel frame are constructed on the reinforced concrete foundations. Foundation: Design of concrete foundation with steel re-enforcement will be provided by FUUNZO.
    After completion of the erection of all external walls, roof and suspended ceiling; leveling concrete (screed) must be prepared to install floor-covering materials.
    Foundation and leveling works should be prepared on site.
  • Steel Structure
    Steel Structure
    Details of Steel Structure: Connected using galvanized bolts and nuts.
    Design Loads: Floor load: 250 kg/m², Roof load: 100 kg/m², Wind load: 50 kg/m²
    Earthquake Resistance – Level 8
    Specification of Steel Works:
    1. Material: Cold-rolled steel profile with hot dipped galvanized finishes
    2. Manufacture of joint plate: Using steel plate welded. Hot-dip galvanized after adjustment.
    3. Column connection: Using high tensile bolts to connect column with joint plates.
    4. Roof beam connection: Using high tensile bolts to connect roof beam and joint plates.
    5. Bracing: Bracing made with thread tapping and hot-dipped galvanizing finishes.
  • Wall and Roof
    Wall and Roof
    Corrugated Metal Sheet: Corrugated pre-colored galvanized steel plate of 0.5mm. Or
    Insulated Sandwich Panel:
    Sandwich panel constructed by 2 layers of pre-painted steel plate and high-density insulation jointed by strong adhesive, under high compressed process to form solid panel.
    The insulation material can be polystyrene, rock-wool or mineral wool.
  • Doors
    Big Sliding Door or Roller Shutter Door is designed to meet logistic requirements.
  • Windows
    PVC or Aluminum Window are used for ventilation and Lighting. Polycarbonate transparent roof is used for natural lighting as well.
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