Foldable Container

  • FUUNZO Foldable Cabin
    FUUNZO Foldable Cabin
    Foldable Container is 95% finished in factory and can be erected within 10 minutes with lifting equipment. It is convenient and economic both in transportation and assembly.
  • Size and Weight
    Size and Weight
    Foldable Container House size is 5.8mx 2.4mx 0.48m when it is folded; and 5.8mx 2.4m x 2.8m when it is erected.
    The weight of standard container is approx. 1200kg.
  • Solid Steel Frame
    Solid Steel Frame
    Steel Profiles with normal paint finishes.
    • Top/Bottom Frame - RSH60mmx120mmx2mm
    • Bottom Purlin – RSH48mmx80mmx2mm
    • Top Purlin – RSH40mmx60mmx2mm, RSH30mmx50mmx2mm
  • Wall, Roof and Other Fittings
    Wall, Roof and Other Fittings
    • 8 Nos. of hoisting bolt at corners
    • 6 hinges on short end walls
    • 50mm Rockwool color steel wall panels
    • Steel door 1.0mWx2.0mH
    • Alum. window 920mmx1200mm with mosquito net
  • Assembly
    Folding container assembly can be completed in 10 minutes time
    • Lift up from top
    • Shot-end wall turn down to vertical direction
    • Slot column end to the hole in the bottom frame
    • Fixed using BoltsInsert 4 pcs wall panel on the long walls
    • Install flashing
  • Sea Transport
    Sea Transport
    9 sets of 2.4mx5.8m foldable container houses can be load into one 40ft HC shipping container.
  • Stacking and Combination
    Stacking and Combination
    Foldable cabin can be jointed from long side and can be stacked up to 2-floor building.
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Foldable Cabin Foldable Container
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