Flat Pack Container

Flat packed container is one kind of classic element of modular building. It gets more and more popular in the past several years due to its inherent style, wide availability, fast speed of construction, and relatively low expense. And flat pack building such as flat pack container house is more eco-friendly than the traditional building.

The container buildings are sturdy and durable. Their steel profiles are galvanized and painted, that makes the lifespan last more than 30 years against bad natural conditions such humid and rainy. Of course, different grades of insulation are suitable for widely geographical conditions and areas. So more and more flat pack containers for sale to meet the increasing market demand nowadays.


Advantages of Flat Packed Containers:

1 Fast and economy construction

The materials of flat pack modular homes are mostly prefabricated in our factory. It allows manufacture and the site work to be carried out simultaneously, which means manufacture box house in the factory and at the same time prepare foundation and other infrastructure on site. It can reduce plenty of time of construction and save on-site labor and equipment costs.

2 Transport

For overseas market, all the parts are designed to be able to load into shipping containers. That reduces the damage risk during long-distance delivery and shipment cost.

Flat pack houses are designed to be packed as an individual box with all parts inside to suit land transport.
After assembly, the cabin size is same as 20ft shipping container and can be moved by truck easily.


3 Widely usage and Customized

Flat packed container buildings have various uses, such as site office, accommodation, restaurant, shop. Due to their long lifespan, they can also be used as hospital, residential home, hotel etc. 

For particular usage, the size of cabin can be adjusted based on client's requirements. The specification for parts can be adjusted to satisfy different consumers, such as the thickness of wall can be varied from 50mm to 150mm. 


4 Eco-friendly

Flat pack house can be dismantled and re-assembled more than 20 times. It is also can be relocated on cabin bases. 

The 90% materials of flat pack container are recyclable and degradable.