Two Storey Containers House



Besides combined horizontally, Flat Packed Container can be easily Stack to form 2 or 3 floors building.
Adding same size base frame, you can easily have a nice balcony.

Basic Module

Most of time, the Basic Module is flat pack 20 ft container(Please click this link to review the specifications of basic module). Customized size can be made when quantity is more than 20 sets.




A flat Slab or individual footings must be leveled especially when the modules are joined.
Individual foundation can be Precast Concrete Blocks or Screw Piles.
Corner needs to be bolted down to foundation using hold-down bolts to avoid movement of building.


How to Joint Cabins Together

When 2 modules joint together, there are 4 pairs of corners will be put next to each other. Use corner connection pieces to join from inside of container corners.
Fill the special rubber T in the joint along the modules (Refer to the purple color line). When tightening the connection pieces at 4 corners, the rubber T will be squeezed and the building will be waterproof.




Staircase of this two storey container house can be put indoors or outdoors.

Show Case 1 – Coffee Shop at Dubai Jumeirah Beach

This coffee shop is made from 7 units of 20ft standard cabins, which divided to eating area, kitchen, cold room, storage room and staff room. Another 7 sets of base frame sitting on top of building to provide 100 square meters balcony for visitor to enjoy the sea view.
Big glass window to replace wall panel to provide a modern look of building.



Show Case 2 – Container Hotel

Stacking and interlinking 96 units together easily created a multiple modular hotel in Beijing. Internal wall panels were removed and changed at the clients' requirements to provide flexible layout options.

Other Project Photos