Mini Container


Size& Weight

This product is also named for its special sized called Baby Container or Mini Container, which is half of standard 20ft container size.

Dimensions Length(mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)

External 3025 2435 2896

Internal 2865 2275 2596

The weight of this flat pack storage container is approx. 900kg, it is very easy to be moved by forklift or crane.

Other customized sizes, such as 2435mmWx2650mmLx2896mmH, can be made when the quantity is more than 20 units.

Steel Frame & Wall

Baby Container comes as standard with a sandwich wall panel finish, sandwich wall panel is 50mm insulation material which covered with oven-baked color steel sheet on both sides. This gives our cabin a durable, low maintenance and attractive finish that is suitable for a variety of uses. The insulation materials of our mini container can be an be Glass wool, Rock wool, Polyurethane or Polystyrene. The thickness of insulation materials can be increased to 75mm, 100mm or 150mm if preferred.

The steel profiles used for this cabin are same as what we used for standard flat packed container house and they are galvanized before painted. That guarantees the product lifespan is more than 30 years against bad natural conditions such humid and rainy.

We can also offer a range of alternative external cladding options, including Timber, Plastic Timber, PVC Siding or Brick Effect Fiber-cement Board if preferred.




Frame and Wall Panel can be supplied either in the same color (White) or a special color if order quantity is big.

Various types of small modular home cladding are also provided.



It is one of our hot-sale Flat Packed Container Houses, suitable to be used as guard house, individual changing room or toilet, small information center and mini kiosk. We had provided a considerable amount of Mini Cabin for UN camps.

The photo below is a Baby Container with plastic timber cladding and works as a tourist information center. Wall panel can be replaced by full height glass panel also.