Multiple Containers


Multiple Container Combination

Our standard Flat Packed Container can be stacked up to 3 floors maximum.
If you would like to stack them more than 3 floors, steel frame needs to be modified according to PE adjustment.

Basic Module

Most of time, the Basic Module is flat pack 20 ft container(Please click this link to review the specifications of basic module). Customized size can be made when quantity is more than 20 sets.



M&E Works

M&E Works can be prefixed in factory and connect after assembly.
For wet area such as toilet and bathroom, we use waterproof fiber cement board to replace standard MgO board, and conceal galvanized drainage inside the base frame.
Electrical DB normally is located on first floor.



Multi storey buildings' staircase can be put indoors or outdoors.


Show Case 1 – Beijing Children Hospital

63 units combined to form a multiple storey building for Beijing Children Hospital.
It only takes 15 days to erect this 3-storey, 1000m2 building. In an operating hospital, modular building concept minimizes the trouble of daily working caused by construction.

Show Case 2 – Office for China Construction

Cooperate with China Construction's ‘Site Standardization’, Fuunzo, professional multistoried building manufacturer, has built site temporary facilities over 80 sites all over China. It includes office, worker's accommodation, guard house, canteen etc.


Other Project Photos