Prefab Buildings

Steel Structure Buildings are becoming the most popular construction method rapidly. With today's advances in new building material, design and structure calculation, Prefabricated Steel Building can be very attractive to work as warehouse, residential house or commercial building. With the ability to customize colors and accommodate interesting array of styles, you can always find a perfect steel building to meet your needs.

Compare to modular house, steel structure prefabricated building systems is more suitable for permanent (will not move again), big span (column free) and high ceiling buildings.

Fuunzo Prefab is professional to provide simple and lightweight steel structure with lightweight wall and roof panel for warehouse, residential, classroom and camp. 


  • Strong – Steel is good on its strength and durability. Based on proper design calculation, it offers resistance to earthquakes comparing to brick or concrete buildings.

  • Environment-Friendly – The most materials are recyclable. All components besides foundations are prefabricated in factory. There is only little assembly work needs to be carried out at Site. Minimize the construction effect, such as dusts and noise, to building nearby.

  • Good Quality – Most of the jobs are done in factory which minimizes the possibility of defects caused by site worker’s poor skill. In factory, all manufacture processes are standardized and workers are trained specially for the certain process.

  • Quick and Costs Saving – Standardized working processed increase the efficiency of manufacture which also helps to shorten the time and save cost.

  • Big Span – Steel Frame make big span possible.