Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop - 8 Unit Café for Agrilandia Farm @ Beijing, China

It's so popular for the modular house to be designed for the use of temporary shop nowadays. From the restaurant to the leisure coffee bar, they are everywhere to be seen in the tourism resorts. Thus, the modular house design such as container coffee shop design and container restaurant design also becomes very important.

The following building shown is designed for Agrilandian Italian Farm as a prefab coffee shop. The floor area of this container coffee shop is 165 square meters, which includes 120 square meters indoor and a 45 square meters rooftop verandah.


The size of the Module Type prefab coffee shop building is 6mx2.4m(20’x8’)

8 full modules and 3 base plate have been used as roof top balcony.


Delicate design can be seen for 5 modules in front are used as food serving area, 3 modules at back work as kitchen and storeroom.


Solar panels are fixed on slope roof. In summer season, it can provide basic electricity for lightings and sockets. Generator provides power for kitchen equipment such as oven and coffee machine.


External Deco:
We added timber and cement board cladding on the external wall in order to implement the customer requirements for cottage appearance.


Internal Deco:
Same as traditional building, the internal decoration of the house can be applied as per client’s wish. After the building combined, we installed suspended timber room and timber parquet. Wall was painted to cozy color and the internal deco is creative design So now you can abandon the prejudice thinkness of heavy, ugly, suffocating for the modular house instead it should be regarded as spirituality and multicoloured.


We'd like to cater to the industry trends and gather the advantages of modular house and our strong ability to build plenty of shops for various needs all over the world. The photos below are our great job for a restaurant built at Jumeirah Beach Beach, Dubai, UAE.


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